Hanami Prawn Crackers 30g

  • Crunchy Bite
  • Delicate Shrimp Flavor
  • Healthy Ingredients
  • Popular Snack
  • Original Flavor





Hanami Prawn Crackers are delicious nibbles from Thailand. These chips are made from wheat flour and enriched with finely crushed shrimp and herbs. Prawn crackers, also called krupuk, have a crunchy bite and a delicate shrimp flavor. Hanami Prawn Crackers are a delicious snack and a great side dish that go well with nearly all rice dishes. Thai prawn crackers are best delights for quick pastime bites. They are made from prawns and other healthy ingredients. They are nutritious and tasty and thus they are loved by both adults and children alike. These crunchy baked shrimp snacks are one of the favorite light meals in Thailand, and nowadays well liked by people all around the world.

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