Koh Kae Peanuts Coconut Cream 110g

  • Healthy Snack
  • Delicious snack for splitting with the whole family
  • Ready to eat as peanut snacks at any time
  • Roasted peanuts encased in crunchy coconut-flavored shell
  • Thailand’s favorite snack





KOH-KAE is a Thai phrase meaning “a wild cool man”. Koh Kae is the brand name of a popular peanut snack in Thailand, which are peanuts covered with a crunchy shell; the coating was a coconut cream flavor. The shell: light and crispy. Basically, it was a thin shell made of cream, wheat flour and sugar so when chewed, it just came apart easily. The peanut: flavorful, well roasted, and clean. Solid nut all around, a good crunchy peanut snack. Not too sweet, and just enough peanut flavor in the shell to really enhance the flavor of the peanut itself.

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